Add "Collect" CTA when article is mentioned

"Collect" is the new "Like"

Just as “Like and Share” became symbols of web2, “Collect” is becoming the symbol of web3. NFTs are helping to create a new media consumption pattern — collecting. This new trend is providing media companies with a way to monetize their content that is not only lucrative but also provides value to their audiences.

We believe that by implementing this motto into your marketing communications we'll be able to create this new consumption pattern together and benefit from it. So whenever you're mentioning any article, you might want to mention that people can read and collect it.


  1. Emphasize the importance of "Collect" as the symbol of web3 and the new media consumption pattern.

  2. Explain that NFTs are enabling media companies to monetize their content while adding value to their audiences.

  3. Encourage the implementation of this motto into marketing communications.

  4. Recommend mentioning the option to read and collect articles whenever they are referenced.

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