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Mintmade offers two widgets for media outlets to enhance their engagement with users:

  1. The "Collect" button enables the creation of collectibles from mintable articles, while displaying the collector's information.

  2. The "Recently Collected" widget showcases the latest collectibles, fostering a feedback loop and increasing exposure for paid articles and popular topics.


Mintmade empowers media outlets with two powerful widgets to enhance user engagement and maximize the potential of their content.

  1. The "Collect" button is a simple yet impactful widget that can be seamlessly integrated into mintable articles. When users click on the button, it sends a link to the Mintmade platform, where a new collectible is generated. This creates an exciting opportunity for users to own and collect unique digital items associated with the article. Additionally, the "Collect" button provides transparency by displaying the name of the collector, further fostering a sense of connection and interaction.

  2. The "Recently Collected" widget is a dynamic tool that showcases the most recently minted collectibles. By embedding this widget on their website, media outlets can create a feedback loop with their audience. This widget not only adds a visually appealing element to the website but also serves as a powerful promotional tool. It highlights the articles and topics that users find valuable enough to invest in, thereby generating additional exposure and driving engagement.

These widgets are designed to seamlessly integrate with media outlets' existing website infrastructure. They provide a user-friendly experience while offering unique opportunities for monetization, engagement, and community building.

By leveraging the "Collect" button and the "Recently Collected" widget, media outlets can tap into the growing trend of digital collectibles, boost user engagement, and create new revenue streams. Mintmade's widgets open doors to a dynamic and interactive digital experience that keeps audiences coming back for more.

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