Mintmade Widgets Installation Guide

General Overview of Mintmade Widgets and Installation Approach

Mintmade's widgets are innovative tools designed to transcend the way media outlets engage with their audiences. By tapping into the burgeoning trend of digital collectibles, they offer a unique blend of user engagement, monetization, and community building. There are three main widgets: the "Collect" button, the "Appendix", and the "Recently Collected" widget.

The "Collect" Button

The "Collect" button is a simple yet impactful widget that can be seamlessly integrated into mintable articles. With a simple click, it redirects users to the Mintmade platform where a unique digital collectible, associated with the article, is generated. The "Collect" button also provides transparency by displaying the name of the collector, adding another layer of interaction and connection between users.

The "Appendix"

The "Appendix" is a textual call-to-action (CTA) added to the end of an article. This widget holds significant importance as most users who read an article till the end are more likely to show the intention to collect it. This enhances the overall user experience and promotes the collection of articles.

The "Recently Collected" Widget

The "Recently Collected" widget is a dynamic feature that showcases the most recently minted collectibles. By incorporating this widget on their website, media outlets can establish a feedback loop with their audience. Not only does this add a visually appealing element to the website, but it also serves as a powerful promotional tool by highlighting the articles and topics that users find valuable enough to invest in, driving additional exposure and engagement.

Installation Approach

Installing the Mintmade widgets is a straightforward process designed for simplicity. Media outlets can easily add the widgets to their websites by installing the widgets package via the Yarn package manager and linking the necessary scripts in their HTML files.

The widgets can be further customized using various attributes such as language, color parameters, and article URLs, allowing media outlets to tailor the widgets to match their branding and meet their specific needs.

The Mintmade widgets offer an exciting opportunity for media outlets to enhance their user engagement and tap into the growing trend of digital collectibles. By integrating these widgets, outlets can create a dynamic and interactive digital experience that keeps audiences coming back for more, opening doors to new revenue streams and greater community building.

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