Mintmade Platform v 1.0

Collector Portal:

  1. Minting Page:

    1. NFT Generator

    2. Share NFT on Social Media

    3. Sell NFT on Marketplace

    4. About Collection Information

    5. Sponsor's Feed Integration

  2. Home Page:

    1. Recently Collected NFTs Display

    2. Top Collectors Section

  3. My Collection:

    1. Set Avatar from PFP NFT

    2. Share Collection on Social Media


  1. Pay with Native Crypto (Matic)

  2. Pay with Card

  3. Pay with Minting Points


  1. Display Recently Collected NFTs (dark and light mode)

  2. "Collect Now" Button Widget with collectors (dark and light mode)

  3. Appendix Widget for Additional CTA in the end of an article (customizable text)


  1. Set Up Collection

  2. Deploy Collections for Media Partners (manual)

Feature Freeze Requirements and Checklist:

  1. Development Completion:

    • Ensure that all features have been developed according to their specified functionality.

    • All user interactions and workflows within the features must be bug-free.

  2. Analytics:

    • All required product events are trackable in Amplitude

    • Google Analytics is connected

    • Event properties are correct and trackable

  3. Documentation:

    • Detailed and comprehensive documentation for each feature, including step-by-step guides and FAQs.

    • Documentation should be easily accessible for both users and media partners in this Playbook.

  4. Media Partner Training:

    • Provide training and support to media partners to ensure they understand how to set up and utilize the platform effectively.

  5. Integration Testing:

    • Test the integration of widgets on different media outlets to ensure consistent performance and appearance.

  6. Stress Testing:

    • Perform stress testing to evaluate the platform's performance under heavy user load.

  7. Backup and Rollback Plan:

    • Develop a contingency plan in case any issues arise after the feature freeze, ensuring quick recovery and minimal disruption.

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