That's how collectibles are created from your content


  • Templates are essential in Mintmade for transforming your content into collectibles.

  • Templates use input content to create artwork and metadata for tokens.

  • Each collection typically has one template, but special campaigns allow for variations.

  • Contact your Mintmade manager to update or create new templates.

Templates are a vital component of the Mintmade platform, enabling the conversion of your content into engaging collectibles. By utilizing templates, Mintmade takes the input content from your CMS and generates visually captivating artwork while populating the necessary metadata for each token.


In most cases, a collection corresponds to a specific template, ensuring consistency across your collectibles. However, Mintmade also allows for special campaigns or occasions where template variations are employed to create unique experiences. For instance, you can have templates tailored for Christmas specials or partnership campaigns.

If you need to update an existing template or create a new one, simply reach out to your dedicated Mintmade manager. They will assist you in the process, ensuring that your templates align with your branding and specific objectives. Templates are the foundation of Mintmade's collectible creation process, empowering you to engage your audience with unique and valuable digital assets.

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