Minting Points

A Flexible Currency for Incentives and Engagement

Minting Points serve as an internal currency that empowers you to create and distribute incentives within your community. They offer a versatile way to reward and engage your audience, allowing you to tailor incentives according to your specific objectives.

Minting Points are ERC-20 tokens that you can issue yourself and give them a custom name. By default, we generate an ERC-20 token for you, and you can request the desired amount.

You may find Minting Points useful for the following purposes:

  1. Airdrop within your community to incentivize specific behaviors.

  2. Use them for testing purposes without using real money.

  3. Establish a more intricate tokenomics within your ecosystem.

Since Minting Points are basic ERC-20 tokens, you can also use other tokens alongside them. For instance, if there are existing tokens within your ecosystem, you may consider accepting them as a payment method for your collectibles.

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