Payment Options

Maximizing checkout conversion for all users


  • Mintmade offers various payment options for maximizing checkout conversion.

  • Users can pay with crypto (Polygon), bank cards, or Minting Points.

  • Crypto payments are popular among advanced users, while bank cards provide convenience for most users.

  • Minting Points are an internal currency that allows for creating additional community incentives.

At Mintmade, we understand the importance of providing diverse payment options to maximize checkout conversion and cater to the preferences of your audience. We offer multiple payment methods to ensure a seamless and convenient experience for your users.

One option is crypto payments, specifically on the Polygon network. Crypto payments are particularly popular among advanced users and those who prefer the benefits of decentralized finance. While paying with crypto can be the most convenient method, it may require an additional step for users to acquire or exchange the necessary crypto.

For users who prefer traditional payment methods, we offer the option to pay with bank cards. Bank card payments provide a familiar and straightforward payment experience, ensuring accessibility for a wider range of users. To facilitate bank card payments, we partner with Wert, who handles the fiat onramp process. Wert automatically converts fiat currencies into crypto, allowing seamless integration with our platform while adhering to regulatory requirements.

Additionally, we introduce Minting Points, an internal currency that enables you to create and distribute incentives within your community. Minting Points provide a flexible means of rewarding and engaging your audience, allowing you to tailor incentives to suit your specific objectives. To learn more about Minting Points and their potential applications, refer to the dedicated section in this playbook.

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