A list of upcoming and released features

  • Collector's Leaderboard: As a competitive collector, I want to view and compare my ranking against other collectors on the leaderboard widget/page, so that I can gauge my progress and engage in healthy competition.

  • Collection/Token Sharing: As a collector, I want the ability to easily share my tokens or collections on social media platforms or with other collectors, so that I can showcase and promote my valuable collection within my network.

  • UX improvement: As a user, I want the last step of the minting process to have an improved user experience, ensuring a seamless and intuitive final step, so that I can understand what can I do next with my NFT.

  • CMS for Media: As a media publisher, I want a robust and user-friendly content management system (CMS) integrated with Mintmade, allowing me to effortlessly manage and publish my collection.

  • Analytics for media: As a media publisher, I want the analytics feature to be enhanced and optimized, providing accurate and comprehensive data on token sales, engagement metrics, and user behavior, enabling me to make data-driven decisions and improve my content strategy and monetization efforts.

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